plantain1 [plan′tin]
[OFr < L plantago < planta, sole of the foot (see PLANT): from the shape of the leaves]
any of a genus (Plantago) of plants of the plantain family, usually with rosettes of basal leaves and spikes of tiny, greenish flowers, including many troublesome weeds
designating a family (Plantaginaceae, order Plantaginales) of dicotyledonous plants
plantain2 [plan′tin]
[altered (prob. infl. by PLANTAIN1) < Sp plátano, banana tree, lit., plane tree (< L platanus: see PLANE1), prob. misused for native name (as in Carib balatana)]
1. a hybrid banana plant (Musa × paradisiaca) that is widely cultivated in the Western Hemisphere
2. the large, firm, curved fruit of this plant: in tropical areas, it is usually cooked while green, before the starch has converted into sugar

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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